Musicality refers to the ability to interpret and express musical nuances, such as dynamics, phrasing, and emotion while maintaining pitch accuracy. We help our students understand musicality and show them how it enhances the overall expressiveness and artistry of a singer's performance.

Good pitching singing skill is also dependent on solid vocal technique. We teach our students  control, resonance, vocal placement and articulation, all of which contribute to the ability to produce and sustain singing effectively.

Breathing is a fundamental aspect of singing, and developing strong breathing skills is essential for singers to support their voice, maintain control, and deliver powerful performances. We teach various exercises and techniques designed to improve breathing skills for singing, including breath control exercises, such as breath control drills, sustained note exercises, and vocalizing on different vowels. 

Diction in singing refers to the clarity and precision with which singers articulate words and syllables while vocalizing. Strong diction is essential for communicating lyrics effectively to the audience, conveying meaning, and enhancing the overall expressiveness of a performance.