Children's Acting Classes

5pm - 6:30pm - Show Class

Shrek The Musical 

Get ready to journey through the swamp as we gear up for our spectacular full-scale musical adventure early next year. Auditions are in full swing for leading roles, but fear not! There's plenty of room in our lively ensemble for all aspiring performers! 

6:30pm - 7:15pm

Commerical Dance

Get your groove on with our Commercial Dance Class! Unleash your inner dancer as you learn electrifying routines, master techniques, and pick up some slick tricks along the way. 

7:15pm - 8pm

Acting & Acting Through Song 

Step into the spotlight with our Acting and Acting Through Song Class! Discover the art of storytelling through music, explore solo, duet, and trio performances, and sharpen your improvisational skills with exciting challenges. 

8pm - 8:45pm

HC Choir

Join forces with fellow singers to create beautiful harmonies, perfect your choral singing skills, and prepare to take the stage as a formidable choir team.